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We act as Expert Witness for Solicitors & Barristers and

provide detailed reports to assist in County Court and High

Court actions if required 

We are your Technical Eyes in reviewing your dispute to help having it resolved 





We would firstly advise that there are organisations which will give free advice on the matter, in particular C.O.R.G.I (Confederation of Registered Gas Installers),

NOW called GAS SAFE,(

should the installation be considered in breach of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations currently in force.

If the gas boiler has been replaced, do you have the mandatory Gas Safe -  gas completion certificates to ensure a full check on the existing gas installation complies with such regulations?

It is incumbent on the installer to ensure that any new connections/alterations or amendments to an existing gas supply, comply fully with the above regulations.

Are the installer’s sure that they have fully complied?

Did the the company ensure that the operatives, carrying out the work, are all Gas safe registered. Should you find that either the company or the operatives are not then this matter in itself is reportable to the Health and Safety Executive, who will prosecute for the offence.

N.I.C.E.I.C (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).

( ) If any minor electrical works have been carried out to the central heating, do you have the mandatory NICEIC completion certificate? (Depending on the nature and extent of the electrical works carried out).

If the companies involved are members of organisations which have a redress policy, such as:-

The Institute of Plumbers /The National Association of Plumbing Heating and Mechanical Services Contractors

( ) or the

Heating Ventilating Association ( ) which has now become the Building Engineering Services Association - (as an example)

then you could approach these member associations or similar to have the matter resolved.

There are however certain issues on which we can advise as detailed below and we are happy to assist at no cost to you at this time if you are able to provide the information as detailed below:-

Do you have a written copy of the original quotation, offer and acceptance of the works involved, if at all applicable?  

Have you fully paid for the installation, are there any monies outstanding?

Do you have the address of the Corgi / Gas Safe Registered central heating installer, Gas Safe registration number, operative’s names of the persons who carried out the work?

Can you advise the make /model of any new or existing boiler, manufacturer’s name plate details.

Exact dates of boiler installation, if know or approximate dates.

Details of pipwork, sizing, routing and connections?

Exact dates of pipwork installation, if known or approximate dates?

Sizes of Radiators in each room, make model of radiators , if known?

Exact dates of radiators installed in each room, if known or approximate dates?

Details make model of radiator valves installed on each radiator and dates of when installed?

Can you confirm that there are sleeves fitted through the walls around each of the pipes to allow for expansion. This is a mandatory requirement.

Can you confirm, by way of photograph, the position of the boiler and boiler flue on the external wall, as this has to be a certain distance away from any window, gutter or rainwater pipe.

Has the flue been properly sealed on the inside and outside?

Details of the Gas meter, size, rating, position installation condition of the gas meter and pipwork?

Has the Gas meter been inspected and is it bonded to earth, min approx 10mm earth cable from the gas meter back to the electrical mains. This is a mandatory safety requirement under the Gas safety (Installation & Use) Regulations and must be fitted.

Can you provide photographic evidence of the gas meter and earth bond size (if fitted)

Has the central heating pipework been crossed bonded to earth, i.e., of approx 4mm green /yellow cable linked between each of the pipes by way of a correctly fitting pipe clamp. This is a mandatory requirement and should have been done.

Can you confirm, by way of photographs, if any of the Gas pipe is fitted externally. If so, is the pipe protected from being damaged, if it is fitted less than 2 metre's from finished floor level.

If the gas pipe is fitted externally, Is the pipe painted Yellow ochre or indicated with “GAS” tape to indicate it’s use? This is a mandatory requirement under the above Gas Safety & Use Regulations.

Can you provide by way of photographic evidence the outside of the house, all sides together with pictures of the central heating installation, all visible pipework.

Sizes of each room, Length, width and height

Position make and model of header tank, detailed photographic evidence

Position make and model of hot water cylinder, detailed photographic evidence

Details / Sketches of pipe runs within the house /accommodation from the boiler to each radiator, including the position of the header tank, if fitted and hot water cylinder, if fitted.

Details, make and model of pump installation together with photographic evidence.

The above are just an indication of some information we would require to determine the general condition of the installation, the heat loss requirements of the house, the correct boiler and radiator size together with the correct pipe sizing and routing in association to allow us to determine whether or not the installation complies with current regulations and standard practices.

Should you wish us to examine the site, together with taking the necessary photographic evidence as requested and obtain copies of contract particulars’/ correspondence etc, then a fee would be incurred by you.

If you are in possession of,  and can forward, the above information onto us we will be happy to comment at no cost to you.

However any free advice by us is copy write and for information /guidance only and cannot be used in any court of law without our written consent /full payment being made and/or until a fully verified inspection is carried out by our company (if survey/inspection is required)  or agreed by us in writing to be used in any court.

Our current rates and payment details are given in a separate document, and careful consideration should be given should you consider taking any matters to any court hearing.

We trust the above is of some assistance and by all means should you have any further enquiry or require any assistance then please do not hesitate to either call or e-mail and we will be only too please to assist.

LAA , t/w County and High Court Approved Rates

Registered as Expert with the Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers