We offer Free Advice to

Architects, Structural Engineers & Developers

(Existing and/or prospective new clients) if we can assist

in the Layout of a Proposed NEW build,

if this advice/discussion can be carried out over the

Telephone or via the Internet then please do not hesitate to

E -Mail your x-refs (AutoCAD 2012 or later) at

[email protected]

Please feel free to visit more of our website where additional information is available

About our company including free calculations sheets to download.

Please also follow the link to download pdf’s of our newsletters previously issued 

Call us now! : 0845 074 0763

to complete our feedback form and we will

Contact you.

Tel : 0845 074 0763                    Fax : 0845 074 0764

This Offer is Limited to a maximum of 2 hours for Each new Project. Thereafter our normal Day Work Rates will apply. Subject to our conditions of Sale and you will be advised if we require a payment advice order before we carry out such work.

We offer this service as a guide only and should we not receive any order or subsequent payment for our design works then we consider that we do not have design liability for any design intent